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Ellergreen (Boot Estate)

The Norris Green 'Boot' estate was built in the 1920's.  Of its 2000 homes, 500 around the edge were built of brick; whilst some 1500 in the heart of the estate were built with prefabricated reinforced concrete.  These were mostly three bedroomed houses.  

These homes were popular when they were first built.  However, by the end of the 20th century the prefabricated houses suffered greatly because of a design fault. The concrete used in the 1920's was poor, and created structural defects that were serious enough for them to be classed as "defective dwellings" under the 1985 Housing Act.  

Cobalt Housing Association manages the brick built homes on the edge of the estate.   These are being modernised in a planned investment programme.  However, it was decided that that defective prefabricated houses that form the major part of the estate should be demolished; and that new homes built to replace them.

The idea to develop a master plan for the Boot estate was first approved in June 1999.  This started a major consultation exercise in the area.  A number of decisions regarding development proposals have since been taken, including sorting out which residents should be rehoused first.

The rehousing of residents from the first decant area began in October 2000.   By Summer 2006, of the 1509 properties; approximately 835 had been demolished.  The remaining homes will be demolished in phases over the coming years whilst new homes to rehouse existing residents of the estate who wish to remain are built. 

Show homes at the Boot Estate's Ellergreen development

The New Development Area 

New City Vision is one of the partners working with Liverpool City Council to rebuild Norris Green and the area formerly known as The Boot Estate.  New City Vision is a property developer, formed as a partnership company between Bishop Loch and Laing O'Rourke.  These are both well known house building companies; each has over forty years of experience. 

New City Vision's main task is to build quality, affordable housing on time and to budget.  This will support the renewal programme for the local area and the community. 

By the summer of 2006, New City Vision had launched their new development -  called Ellergreen - and begun phase 1 construction. 

The development east of Lewisham Road will consist of 90 social housing units for rent.  These will be managed by Cobalt Housing Association. 

On the western side of Lewisham Road there will be 104 homes for sale.  These will be two and three bedroom mews and semis; three and four bed detached houses and a four bedroomed, 3 storey mews property. 


Houses for Sale

In April 2006, New City Vision opened the marketing suite and two show homes to preview the properties for sale.  The first ones went on sale to the public from May 2006.  Local residents were given priority option.  The response was very positive and many of the houses were sold immediately. 

Do you want to know more about a new home at Ellergreen?  You should ring the New City Vision Sales team on Tel: 0151 256 0900 or email:   

You can also view the New City Vision website (will open a new window).


Social Housing at Ellergreen

Cobalt Housing Association will buy and rent out 90 new homes in this first phase.  These will be given to re-housed and displaced tenants from the area.  

These 90 property types comprise:-

  • 20 x 2 bed 4 person bungalows 
  • 24 x 2 bed 4 person houses 
  • 33 x 3 bed 5 person houses 
  • 4 x 4 bed 6 person houses 
  • 10 x 4 bed 8 person houses      

This first phase is all rental properties.  These houses have all been allocated and residents have been nominated to the homes by the City Council. 


A view to the future - Phases 2 and 3

A further 412 homes of varying property types will follow across phases two and three.  

The second phase of social housing will be a maximum of 60 homes.  Up to fifteen of these will be reserved for shared ownership sale. 

It is hoped that work on Phase 2 will start immediately after the Phase 1 works are completed in 2008.

Phases 2 and 3 will comprise 2, 3 and 4 bedroomed contemporary and stylish family homes. They will feature innovative design and energy saving features focusing on reducing energy consumption and conserving natural resources.  These will include:-

  • all the new homes will be highly economical to run, helping both the owner's pocket and the environment;
  • they will be built from more thermally efficient block work which is far more effective at retaining heat than previous houses.  This will reduce the costs of heating and cut both fuel bills and carbon emissions; 
  • larger windows will create a brighter interior, cutting lighting costs;  
  • dual flush toilets will help reduce water usage saving the environment and saving money too; 
  • water butts will be included as in every garden to help collect rainwater for gardening purposes which will further reduce the demand on the domestic supply.     

Together these features have helped Ellergreen's homes to achieve a BRE ECO Homes rating of Very Good.  This recognises the excellent green credentials of the designs.


Map showing project location
Map showing location of Ellergreen  (Boot Estate). Click to view interactive map
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